May 11, 2021

Case Study: FreshBooks Invoice and Accounting Software

The Challenge

FreshBooks is a prominent provider of invoicing and accounting software for businesses. With more than 24 million users in 160+ countries, this company has no problem attracting new customers or generating traffic online.

Thus, the challenge was to keep FreshBooks as an industry leader – solidifying their placement at the top of the SERPs and maxing out on the keywords they’re able to target. We needed to identify new keyword opportunities and create content assets for lead generation and funnel those users to their main money pages.


BW Content began working with FreshBooks in July of 2018 to help create over 40 new content pieces. These consisted of “[industry] invoice template” type keywords to draw in cold traffic looking for free downloadable templates.

Part of this project also involved optimizing existing web pages with new copy for better keyword rankings and conversions. The target keywords were provided by the client with supplemental keyword research and optimization suggestions provided by BW Ccontent.

Our SEO Content Strategy

Our partnership with FreshBooks in regards to their invoice template pages involved providing additional keyword research, optimizing existing landing pages, and writing copy for new landing pages. Our goal was to churn out new content in high volume to max out the invoice template-related keywords we were able to target.



Many of the existing landing pages were ranking in organic search but not at the top of the search results. Our aim was to further optimize these pages with original web copy and additional keyword usage. This meant rewriting H1s, H2s, titles, descriptions, body text, and more to include these target keywords. We also rewrote much of the content to avoid duplicate content issues.



Content Creation

We created new landing pages to target “[industry] invoice template” keywords following the same format we established for the re-optimized pages. Word count varied based on competition level and H2s were based on the top-ranking pages in search. We included relevant internal links and resources for users.



Conversion Optimization

As always, our goal wasn’t to simply increase organic traffic but to generate more leads as well. The addition of user-focused copy (replacing the generic copy) helped us accomplish this goal. We also added relevant calls-to-action to entice users to download FreshBooks’ free invoice templates. Users’ email addresses were then collected and followed up with to drive sales.


Summary of Work


Content Created

over 40 pages; 60,000+ words


Content Type

Invoice template landing pages for lead generation


Content Created

over 40 pages; 60,000+ words

Microsoft Word invoice template

Excel templates

Graphic design invoice template

Freelance invoice template

Construction invoice template





Organic Users

25 months



Goal Completions


Conversion Rate

Before working with Keys&Copy, FreshBooks was hovering at varying positions in the organic search results for “invoice template”-related keywords. Since upping their content creation and implementing more CTAs, they have increased their site traffic and conversions.

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I hired Jessica for a large-scale content project for FreshBooks. She was able to deliver on time and beyond expectations. The results were fantastic. Our conversion rate across all pages is up over 50% and we achieved a top 3 ranking within 3 months for our main keyword. Prior to that, we were in danger of dropping off the first page. In the end, our conversions have seen over 100% growth YOY. I highly recommend hiring Keys and Copy!