SEO Content Writing Services

Don’t ever underestimate the power of SEO content that engages readers, grabs Google’s attention, and generates a rock-solid ROI. Whether for your clients, or your own site you deserve the very best. 

Generic, Boring or Spun Content won’t cut it! Get it Right the First Try!

SEO Writing Services

Great writers are hard to come by but even greater few understand the strategy behind optimizing content for search engines and conversion. In reality, quality SEO content strategy is striking the correct balance between data-driven, formatting, and persuasive copywriting.

At BW Content, get a range of custom SEO content services, including:

Blog Posts

Fully optimized blog articles that Google and your audience love.

Service Pages

Serve up superior service pages that are on-brand, on message and made to sell.

Product Descriptions

You got what they want and need - so show them.

Landing Pages

Your audience has arrived. Give them what they want with a killer landing page.

E-Book & Training Resources

Build trust and credibility with your content and keep them crawling back for more good stuff!

Content Overhaul

New site or makeover? I got the whole thing covered.

Content Planning

Kick your shoes back Leave the content ideas to me.

Socials Audit

Your socials are more than connect you to your audience - they are social proof drivers.

Blog Post Writing

To blog, or not to blog? That is an interesting question. Don’t be fooled by marketing companies claiming a blog is the answer to your traffic problem. The quality of your blog is as good as your blogging strategy – a mixture of response, staple, and pillar posts that brings the right kind of traffic that converts. Generate and curate purposeful and impactful content today. 

Starting at $450



Each post is optimized according to your SEO strategy, including internal linking, title tag, meta description, and more.


Search Analysis Research

We conduct search analysis research and competitive research to ensure that your entire blogging strategy gets you the traffic you need.

Copywriting for Services Pages

Copy is so powerful when done well. Powerful web copy should attract the ideal customer, convey your message – delivering your brand, business, or yourself in a punchy nutshell, building your client’s trust, and servicing their needs! The story behind your message is crucial and how you relate back to your client’s needs is the all-important link. But it’s not the only component! 

Starting at $600


Brand Voice

Keep your message on-brand to cultivate customer loyalty and engagement.


On-Page SEO

We go beyond SEO “best practices” to give you content that meets your specific SEO goals.

Landing Page Copywriting

Make your landing page count! It’s often the only chance you get to make to engage visitors and persuade them that you’re the answer to their problem or needs! Optimize a landing page to ensure they get all the information they need to commit then and there and increase conversion.

Starting at $600



If your not thinking about CRO alongside SEO, then you are doing something wrong. Hire a content writer that can do both.


Sales Copy

Don't make the mistake! Landing page copy differs from other web page copy. It's all about turning
every new lead into sales.

Website Content Planning

The struggle for most companies is starting! How can you figure out what topics to write about or what new SEO pages to add to a site? Don’t worry that is my favourite part! Let me complete your keyword analysis research, content gap analysis, and content planning so you never have to be stumped brainstorming content ideas ever again.

Starting at $1000


Keyword Analysis Research

Not sure what keywords to target? We’re all about the data. Let us find the right keywords for your content.


Content Strategy

Save time on your content planning by getting a comprehensive content plan that includes on-page SEO, when to publish, and more.

Website Content Overhaul

Whether you are starting from scratch or are redesigning a website, having killer content is an essential component of SEO success. We’ll write all of the content for the website, including sales funnels and email.

Market Research

Included: Done-for-you market research for you to take away and apply to business branding, social media, and more.


Full Re-Write

We’ll write all web page content with SEO and CRO in mind, based on your goals, design, and brand messaging.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Luxury Real Estate Site, Gold Coast Australia


Content Created

over 40 pages; 60,000+ words

Case Studies

Building Materials Supply


Content Created

over 50 pages and 25 articles; 125,000+ words

BW Content designed and created the Luxury Gold Coast real estate company, Integral Development Group’s website for organic traffic and high converting service pages.

Results: 250% increase in traffic, 50% more conversions

Here’s how I helped a building materials supply company move entirely off Adwords through search engine optimized content with a greater ROI.

Results: +100% visitors and higher conversions

Case Studies

E-commerce Content Overhaul


Content Created

over 25 articles created; 36,000+ words

BW Content worked with an eCommerce Shopify store based in the US. This company was receiving 0 organic traffic and getting very few conversions.

Results: +100% increase in new users, 75% more conversions

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